Industry Components Physics

Plant engineering

Chimney, duct, reactor, filter, cyclone, autoclave, SCR reactor, particulate filter, fan, turbine, compressor, compressor, impeller and casing, combustion chamber, splitter, silencer, heat exchanger, exhaust system, chimney, exhaust duct, vessel, filter housing , catalysts Wind loads, earthquake, stability, thermal loads, crane loads, thermomechanics, thermal shock, modal analysis, vibration, shock, PSD, random excitation, frequency response analysis, blast pressure shock strength, pressure drop, flow distribution, uniform distribution, explosion, buckling, snow loads, damage analysis, particle motion, separation, condensation, water hammer, high cycle fatigue HCF, low cycle fatigue LCF, overpressure, negative pressure, buckling


Complete vehicle, engine, transmission, drivetrain, components, pump, tank, occupants, seat, I-panel, HV- battery, fuel cell, plastics, body, bumper, exhaust, handles, panels, bracket, catalytic converter, urea injection, turbocharger, radiator, brake, clutch, exhaust system, battery, e-motor, headlights, tank recesses, heating elements, ring snap connection, power unit, expansion tank, electric turbocharger ETL, interior trim, water separator, oil separator, center console, clip connection, valve, changeover flap, radiator, slider, hoses External flow, downforce, lift, drag, brake cooling, thermal management, outdoor weathering, crash behavior, strength verification, shock, vibration, NVH, acoustics, optimization, EMC, oiling, comfort, vibration, sealing, strength, lightweight, filling, filling simulation, water passage, sprinkling, dust deposition, particulate, water separation, oil separation, cooling, internal flow, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, comfort, reheating behavior, defrosting, de-icing, tank sloshing, battery cooling, assembly, stiffness, operational vibration analysis, operational strength analysis, PSD, frequency response analysis, harmonic response, modal analysis, fatigue, homologation, Power electronics


containers, foundations, buildings, flares, halls, underground garages, stages, security fences, crane runways, passage barriers Type statics, structural analysis, earthquake, vibration, air conditioning, fire, fire protection, smoke development, thermal loads, heating, well-being, solar radiation, dust removal, acoustics, wind loads, snow loads, live loads, crane load, modal analysis, PSD, frequency response, crash

Construction machines

Crane, excavator, telescopic loader, dump truck, vibrator, engine, power unit, radiator, pipes, safety cage Thermal management, de-icing, Roll Over Protection System ROPS, Fall Over Protection System FOPS, crash, statics, dynamics, vibration, modal analysis, PSD, frequency response

Chemical and process engineering

Mixers, agitators, furnace, reactors, pipelines, columns, heat exchangers, mills, centrifuges, heat exchangers, sensors, presses, cyclones, separators Multiphase flow, evaporation, condensation, combustion, particle flow, mixing, heating, cooling, thermal shock, free surfaces, reaction, explosion, damage analysis, separation, recirculating bending, internal pressure, earthquake, FSI, frequency response.


Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machines, Thermomix, vacuum cleaner, window cleaner, ironing board, lawn mower, tool boxes, roof boxes Drop test, transport, packaging, temperature, thermomechanics, vibration, assembly, vibration, disassembly, sealing, deicing, flow optimization, efficiency, PU foaming process, defrosting, diffusion, plastic calculation, packaging


Sensors, winches, optics, electronic components, propulsion systems, missiles, armor, test rigs, submarine, periscope, missile, cradle Thermal management, temperature, radiation, superheat, cooling, deformation, shock, vibration, noise, explosion, bombardment, torpedo impact, FSI, random excitation, frequency response, acceleration, shaker, shaking table.

Electrical engineering

Printed circuit boards, sensors, sensor housings, connectors, PTC, solder connections, display, measuring instruments, camera Assembly, disassembly, heat generation, drop tests, sealing, ball drop tests, cooling, current flow, Joul's heat, electrical resistance, PSD, frequency response analysis, modal analysis, adhesive shrinkage, EMC, Power electronics

Plastics Technology

3D printers, mold blowing systems, melt distributors, nozzles, die casting systems, holders, housings, containers, pumps, fans, covers Cooling ring design, melt flow, thermal design, fiber distribution, fiber orientation, creep, relaxation, anisotropy, aging, diffusion, friction, nonlinearities, assembly, disassembly, optimization, substitution, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, fatigue strength, fatigue strength, fracture mechanics.

Mechanical Engineering

Test stand, rack, housing, gearbox, machine tool, die casting machine, tools, storage, test chamber, stone crushers, vibrators, vibration tables, conveyor belts, hand tools, pumps, compressors, pigs, crushers, needlers, restraint systems, gates, bollards, barriers, simulators, rides, oil tanks, vats, shafts, presses, refiners, rollers, cyclones, mirrors, measuring devices, laser cutters, pressure vessels, welding guns, manipulators, forming tools, centrifuges, robots, rotors, mixers, valves, printing machines Containment, statics, dynamics, vibration, oscillation, noise, decoupling, acoustics, temperature, cooling, bearing, structure-borne noise, rubber, decoupling, reheating, efficiency optimization, creep, relaxation, oiling, thermomechanics, dust deposition, crash, FMD, forming, stamping, forging, cutting, riveting, high pressure forming IHU, centrifugal forces, accelerations, transport, rotor dynamics, rotating bending, crack propagation, process simulation, fatigue, alternating load, elastomers, plastics, shrink joint, compression joint, adhesive joint

Medical Technology

Human models, wound treatment, prostheses, exoskeletons, implants, surgical instruments, inhalation devices, skull, nose, plasters, containers, computer scan, clothing, protection, centrifuge, dialysis equipment, needle, syringe, operating light, operating table, operating knives, operating scissors, pumps, wound dressing Load tissue, bone, muscle, MRI, CT, pressure, interaction, temperature, statics, dynamics, limit loads, comfort, particles, droplets, inhalation, pressure drop, disinfection, droplet formation, rotor dynamics, gear design.

Nuclear Technology

Pumps, heat exchangers, cranes, control cabinets, piping, filters, valves, containment, transport tanks, flywheels, pump impellers Earthquake, drop test, transportation, bombardment, shock, containment, crack propagation, fracture mechanics, pressure vessel

Commercial vehicles

Tipper, bus, truck, tractor, motorhomes Crash, loading, NVH, statics, FMD, aerodynamics, thermal management, transmission oiling, thermal design, thermal comfort, driving simulation, crash


Seats, on-board toilets, blowers, fans, interior, galleys, satellite, amplifier tubes, Spacelab, test arrangements, fuel cell Statics, air conditioning, acceleration, pressure drop, discharge, lightweight construction, fiber composite, cooling, heating, smoke extraction, sealing, plastic, diffusion

Rail vehicles

Current collectors, pantographs, brakes, couplings, bogie, wagon, compressor, control cabinet, gearbox, aggregates, hydrogen tank Shock, vibration, function, wind loads, acoustics, drag, cooling, snow deposition, modal analysis, PSD, frequency response analysis.


Pumps, cabins, interior, overall ship, pool, fans, blowers, bulkhead, compressors, engines, turbochargers, catalytic converters, particulate filters, SCR, exhaust stacks Pool sloshing, statics, dynamics, uniform distribution, air distribution, mixing, pressure drop, venting, aeration, cooling, thermal management, PSD, frequency response analysis, modal analysis, hydrostatics