Our partners

Working together for the success of customers

We want to do more than just good work. That's why Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH has maintained strategic partnerships with leading companies in the industry since its inception. For a constant transfer of knowledge. For cooperation with added value. For an exchange that results in innovations.

boltzplatz - numerical plasma dynamics Ltd.

boltzplatz offers numerical simulations in the field of vacuum coating and plasma technologies as a service. Their open-source software PICLas allows the simulation of dilute gas and plasma flows under the influence of electromagnetic fields.
Stuttgart, www.boltzplatz.eu

EDAG Engineering GmbH

experts when it comes to automotive development.
Wiesbaden, www.edag.de

Novicos GmbH

Services in the field of acoustics, vibration engineering, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics,
Siemens Solution Partner for measurement technology and simulation software
Hamburg, www.novicos.de

Esslingen Technical Academy e.V.

Academy for professionals and managers
Ostfildern, www.tae.de