The funding programs of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research or the Central Innovation Program for SMEs support Merkle & Partner in generating new knowledge in the development of methods and processes. The focus is on cooperation projects with various universities or companies.

Merkle Partner DAVIS


Data-driven networking for engineering simulation.

Project duration: 2021-

Merkle Partner Smartdamp


Development of a method for realistic, fast and economical calculation and design of damping elements for shock and vibration decoupling.

Project duration: 2021-

Merkle Partner Road3D Metal Printing


Robust design and dimensioning of safety-relevant components for 3D metal printing.

Project duration: 2019-

Merkle Partner Elastometer component


Development of a method for realistic, fast and economical calculation and design of plastic and elastomer components.

Project duration: 2017 bis 2019 

merkle partner efficient lightweight structures


Development of a novel system for the production of efficient lightweight structures.

Project duration: 2015 bis 2017  

Merkle Partner 3D Printer


Developing new methods to better design 3D printers to produce integrated plastic components. 

Project duration: 2014 bis 2016 

Merkle Partner Fuel Cell Stack


Development of a numerical calculation method for the flexible representation of multiphysical processes in a fuel cell stack.

Project duration: 2014 bis 2016 

merkle partner cooling circuit

Thermal shock test stand

Development of a thermal shock and pressure pulsation test bench for cooling circuits for all climatic zones for vehicles with combustion engines and electric motors.

Project duration: 2013 bis 2015 

Merkle Partner heat up electric car


Development of a method for numerical optimization of heating and cooling of electric cars. 

Project duration: 2011 bis 2013 

Merkle Partner encapsulated rack system

Energy efficient rack system

Development of an energy-efficient encapsulated rack system.

Project duration: 2010 bis 2011  

Damped current collector

Damped pantograph

Development of a low-wear and damped current collector for the third rail. 

Projektlaufzeit: 2010-2011

merkle partner filler optimisation

Packing optimization

Development of a method for the numerical optimization of packed beds for the chemical industry.

Project duration: 2009 bis 2011 

Merkle Partner Katamax Hydropower Process


New development and optimization of the Katamax hydropower process Development of the fluidic functions of the process.

 Project duration: 2009-2011