Merkle CAE Solutions server room

Optimized air conditioning of data centers

Merkle CAE Solutions: efficient cooling strategies for server rooms based on CFD…

Kooperation Pinkawa Erdbeben

Cooperation in earthquake engineering

Merkle CAE Solutions intensifies cooperation with engineering office Dipl.-Ing.…

Merkle CAE Solutions Cover image Verbot PFAS ECHA

Simulation as an answer to the lack of alternatives

Merkle CAE Solutions: Simulation calculations for the ban of Teflon (PFAS - per- and…

[Translate to English:] Merkle CAE Solutions Gaming-Technologien im OP-Saal

Use of gaming technologies in simulation calculations

Merkle CAE Solutions: Optimization of human representations in engineering…

[Translate to English:] Merkle CAE Solutions Prüfkammer Explosion e-Mobilität

Focus on the risks of e-mobility

Merkle CAE Solutions: Preventing fire and explosion hazards in electric vehicles with…

Merkle CAE Solutions Microfluidics Simulation Technology

Simulation in microfluidics

Merkle CAE Solutions: Simulation calculation for the optimization of desired and…

Merkle CAE Solutions Hydrogen Refueling Simulation

Hydrogen refueling as a risk factor

Merkle CAE Solutions: Simulation calculation for the optimization of the hydrogen…

[Translate to English:] Merkle CAE Solutions Schimmelbildung


Merkle CAE Solutions: Eliminate weak points, ensure measure effectiveness

Picture of the change of name of Merkle & Partner Press Archive

Merkle & Partner GbR becomes Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH

As part of a transfer of operations, all rights and obligations of Merkle & Partner…

[Translate to English:] Hubarbeitsbühnen Merkle & Partner Teaserbild Presse

Safe intralogistics with the help of simulation technologies

Merkle & Partner: FEM calculations for vehicles, robots and systems in high-bay…

Logistics and cooling centre Teaser image Press

Freezing on a grand scale

Merkle & Partner: Simulation technologies for energy-efficient and optimal logistics…

[Translate to English:] Teaserbild Brennstoffzelle

Fuel cells - untapped opportunity?

Merkle & Partner: Simulation technologies for fuel cell development

Teaser image fuel cell

Fuel cells - the real powerhouses

Merkle & Partner: Simulation technologies accelerate progress in fuel cell…

Flight Taxi Header Press

Air taxis - the mobility of tomorrow

Merkle & Partner: Sensible cooling and thermal management with the help of simulation…

bad parts header laws of nature

When "laws of nature" are tampered with

Simulation technology with Merkle & Partner provides new insights into metal…

Header image Earthquake Safety Press

Earthquake safety for technical components

Simulation technology for testing earthquake-compatible design of installed equipment


Proven experts for new mobility

Merkle & Partner is now part of the Competence Atlas for New Mobility Solutions in…

corona thumbnail merkle

Simulations for the fight against Corona

Merkle & Partner presents results from expert consortium.


Exploiting the potential of 3D printing for industrial manufacturing

Merkle & Partner: Additive Manufacturing Workshop


Thermal Runaway and the Future of E-Mobility

Merkle & Partner: Simulations as the basis of engineering.

merkle-partner-construction site-1

FEM simulation: increase safety and save costs

Merkle & Partner: optimized prototyping for construction machinery.


Using flow simulation to protect patients

Merkle & Partner: Optimized ventilation concept for operating rooms


Thermal cooling in the luminaire housing

Merkle & Partner: Simulation-supported product development of an operating theater…


Solutions for 3D printing warpage

Merkle & Partner: Simulation for functional components


Intelligent use of computing power

Merkle & Partner: sophisticated creation of elaborate simulations


Product development via 1D models

Merkle & Partner: Simplification in virtual development


Calculate prostheses individually in the future

Merkle & Partner uses simulation technologies in medical technology


häwa X-frame: stability proven

The computational simulation of the stability and safety of products is already…


Additive Manufacturing Workshop

From material selection to the manufacturing process and strength evaluation, there…


Formation of pores in molded castings

The use of simulation technologies in the foundry industry is not new. Numerical…


Damage analysis with the help of simulation calculations

Only those who know the cause of damage can avoid it in the future. In large…

3d printed sculpture

Merkle & Partner: Making future technologies predictable

Numerous factors are still unknown in industrially usable 3D printing, especially…


Merkle & Partner: Simulations for personal protection

We live in turbulent times; the increase in acts of terrorism but also burglaries and…

automatic transmission in-section

New: Simulation for gearbox oiling with temperature verification

To keep high-tech gearboxes running, the viscosity of the oil, combined with the…


Mastering the challenges of new mobility

New technologies for sensible mobility concepts, such as electromobility, hydrogen or…


Product development in the home office

Testing and inspection in development departments is also put to the test in times of…


Merkle & Partner opens new branches

At the Heidenheim headquarters and the Homburg/Saar branch, around 50 Merkle &…


Plan correctly with the building fire simulation

95% of fire deaths fall victim to fire gases - not to mention people, with permanent…


New research project for the calculation of 3D printed materials

Under the name ROAD3D (Robust design and dimensioning of safety-relevant components…

short fiber reinforced plastic

Virtual prototyping in advanced composites

Modern plastic composites, such as short-fiber-reinforced plastics, are…

Planetary gear

Increase added value in prototyping

In the meantime, modern simulation technologies reproduce reality almost perfectly.…

streamline by-oil distribution

When simulation becomes reality

Transmissions in modern vehicles are high-performance components. From the housing to…