From the initial idea through development, design and optimisation to readiness for series production and use by the customer, we support you in every phase of product development with meaningful information about the behaviour of your components. Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH also provides you with evidence and useful answers to the question of whether your product is ready for the market. Answers to questions about physical phenomena that can be found quickly, more easily or at all by means of engineering calculations. 

As one of the first simulation experts on the German market, we have been calculating innovations and findings for many years. More than 500 customer projects annually. Close to our customers at four locations. With just under 50 employees. For the Who's Who of industry in the DACH region, for inventors and thinkers, for innovators and leaders. And just as much for troubleshooters and optimisers. Ask us your question and give us another challenge, which we will gladly master together with and for you.

The finite element method provides insights into the behaviour of your product or manufacturing process. The simulation takes into account material properties as well as boundary conditions and allows conclusions to be drawn about the expected service life by comparison with permissible characteristic values. Weak points and optimisation potentials are revealed.

Computational Fluid Dynamics calculates the flow behaviour in your products or components; for the definition of functional designs, intelligent thermal management, higher efficiencies, lower pressure losses, optimised industrial processes or the behaviour in the wind tunnel - insights for which otherwise elaborate experiments would be necessary.

Simulations are engineering observations for which a wide variety of tools and procedures are used. Some tasks require new methods - with regard to the approach, the combination of tools or the development of interfaces and workflows. 

For product development, we provide the design department with valuable data in the form of simulations. In addition, you get the view from outside and the know-how of more than 30 engineers when functions are to be improved, weak points eliminated or innovations strengthened.

We not only develop and create simulations, but we also support you in continuing to use models developed by us autonomously. You will receive the necessary know-how within the framework of workshops and the support of our lead engineer.

From aerospace to the automotive industry to medical technology, engineering calculations form a valuable basis for product development, which is already supported by AI. This evaluation process can be carried out much faster and more efficiently with the help of AI trained by simulations. 

For many tasks, we use several disciplines from our service portfolio. Questions can often be answered more precisely by combining FEM calculations and CFD simulations, for example. Ask us your questions or tell us what answers you need. We will show you how we approach your project and provide you with the insights that will help you move forward.