Engineering calculations and simulations are changing the world of product development - making it more creative, more innovative, safer and faster. 

We support companies in the various phases of product development to optimise designs to a high degree at an early stage, to detect bottlenecks before they occur and to be able to rectify damage in the shortest possible time.

To this end, we carry out structural analyses using FEM (Finite Element Method), analyse fluid mechanics CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic), develop meaningful methods for analysis, use AI for constant optimisation and not only share valuable know-how, but also strive to continuously expand our knowledge through cooperations and funded projects.

More than 50 highly specialised employees work in interdisciplinary teams at four locations on the success of our customers, who are at home in a wide range of industries in addition to mechanical and plant engineering, aerospace technology, the automotive industry and shipbuilding.

When you choose Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH, you choose one of the industry's technology leaders, the highest level of expertise and solution-oriented cooperation.

The theory of the hedgehog principle

The term "hedgehog principle" comes from Jim Collins (US management expert), who in his book "The Road to the Best" examined what makes exceptionally successful companies. All the successful companies studied had one thing in common.

You asked yourself the following three questions and aligned your actions accordingly:

1. in which area can we be the best in the world?

2. What fills us with passion?

3. Which key economic indicator should we focus on?

What does this have to do with a hedgehog? By answering and acting on the above three questions, a company makes itself unassailable. Just like a hedgehog that curls up, puts up its spines and is thus unattackable for its enemies.

Our hedgehog principle

  • We are the best at solving technical problems using numerical methods (FEM, CFD, etc.).
  • The customer is king, what he wants, he gets.
  • Our profitability is defined in profit per (attendance) engineering hour.

What do we do differently and better?

  • We ask the right questions
  • We solve individual customer-specific problems
  • We make solutions simple and understandable
  • We continuously minimise our response times and our project processing times
  • We are communicative and proactively maintain our customer relationships
  • We are ahead of the technical curve in our field of expertise
  • We deliver what we promise

Our engineers are:

  • communicative
  • thoughtful
  • technically on a very high level
  • self-confident


Benefit from the fact that we can draw on a decades-long pool of more than 15,000 successful and challenging projects when solving your issues.

We offer you unique and excellent solutions by linking flow and structural simulations.

We always use the most suitable software to solve your problems and tasks and do not have to torture you with in-house codes.

Through close cooperation with industry-leading companies, we keep our knowledge up-to-date. You benefit from solutions and applications that are sure to take all possibilities into account.

You get fast, affordable and accurate answers even for difficult and challenging tasks.

Your data is safe with our in-house and powerful clusters. We can even perform highly demanding calculations quickly and efficiently in-house.



Our comprehensible results documentation is easy to read and leaves no questions unanswered.

You will receive our offer within the desired time, even overnight if necessary!

We use the same software in-house that you are familiar with and thus avoid the hassle of annoying data exchange.

Our experts speak your language, at times when you are awake.

We always have an open ear for your concerns and regard finding solutions together as a passion.

Are you dissatisfied with our services? Money back!

The added value of our products is generated 100% in Germany.

Through regional value creation, Merkle and partners actively contribute to environmental protection and the growth of the local economy.

Many years of experience, qualified employees and versatile core competences in our field provide you with valuable results from our calculations. We use our know-how in a targeted and interdisciplinary manner to provide good answers to your questions:

We make the physical behaviour of materials, components and assemblies visible for you under different boundary conditions.  
The finite element method is an important building block for modern product development. 

CFD simulations make the effects of temperature, air, liquids, gases or bulk materials on components or a system visible for you. This provides you with valuable data for product and process development or failure analysis.

In method development, we develop target-oriented and affordable procedures, define concrete software tools to be used, create individual software if necessary and support through constant knowledge transfer.

Use valid simulation models for product development and benefit from sound know-how to eliminate weak points, improve functions or advance innovations.

Use our meaningful simulation models and work on them independently with further knowledge. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and help your project to succeed.

Simulations can be further developed into valuable data pools in combination with AI. Whether you use the data from the simulation for AI applications or vice versa.

Damage case

We support you in the event of damage.

Determination of the cause of damage via simulations, suggestions for optimisation, and subsequent verification.

Too complex?

We help with multi-phase, complex physics or assemblies.

If you are able to see the simple things, you can set up and evaluate the most complex models.

Too uncertain?

You need more security?

Knowing not only the pure function, but also the reserves of the component and its limits. Exactly.


You need legal proof?

Calculated proof of compliance with common standards for operating loads, pressure vessels and more.


Problems with thermal and thermomechanical behaviour?

Targeted optimisation of thermal management via simulation of the physics, temperatures and lateral temperature curves in 3D.

Too expensive?

Cost savings with component optimisation.

From single optimisation by hand to brute force methods; optimisation of designs, products, manufacturing of products.