Simply printed - but what can the component?

The idea of 3D printing is basically simple


New homepage - sometimes it takes two attempts

A year and a half ago, I was torn about what to do with our homepage.


Core Fusion Merkle Partner

Nuclear fusion: A step closer to the big goal

At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in Livermore, California, a nuclear fusion experiment has seen the percentage of energy recovered jump from the previous level of about 3% to nearly 70%. This represents…


Thermal Runaway for batteries

Thermal runaway refers to the thermal runaway of a system, i.e. the immediate release of a system's energy in the form of heat. It occurs when more heat is generated than can be dissipated or cooled.

merkle-partner-old-post office

Strategy days in the Alte Posthalterei

Twice a year, I go into retreat with my management team to adjust and align our company strategy for Merkle & Partner in a beautiful environment in order to be able to respond even faster and better to your requirements as…


Company event times properly

Company event - many of you probably associate it with food. Lots of food, good food, eating together... We had that too, but our company event with motorcycles to Austria, Italy and Switzerland had much more to offer.



What do operating rooms have in common with landing on Mars?

At first glance, a modern operating room and space travel have nothing in common. We are reluctant to stay in the former, and ticket prices are still prohibitive for the latter.


What do injection molds have in common with Swiss cheese? It's the holes that count!

In injection molds, the heat generated during cooling of the plastic melt must be dissipated. This requires a complex network of cooling holes that perforates the mold like a cheese. FEM and CFD simulations provide perfect…


Rollover of a colossus

Graders are among the oldest machines in earthmoving. They are used to pave the way, whether in road and path construction for the substructure, for unpaved roads and paths, or for sports fields.


Reduce contagion risk without going gaga in shutdown mania

Schools are closed, inns are only allowed to open their outdoor areas, and politicians can't think of too much besides bans.