X-frame - häwa calculates with Merkle & Partner

No two machine frames are functionally alike, but they all have one thing in common: they must be able to grow with their requirements. Häwa has developed X-frame for this purpose - a modular construction kit that offers…


The Future of the Automotive Industry - Politically Cleared for Shooting?

Ever tougher emission limits, new competitors, Dieselgate, e-mobility, Brexit and trade wars, and now Corona, the consequences for Germany as an automotive location are unstoppable.


A battery for 1 million kilometers? - the secret lies primarily in thermal management

Toyota guarantees its Lexus UX300e and Proace electric van battery for 1 million kilometers over 15 years.


Thermal simulations - when is FEM sufficient and when do you need CFD

FEM calculations are more widespread in the calculation departments of our customers than CFD calculations. Now, there are thermal tasks in particular that can be calculated both structurally with FEM and fluid…

merkle-partner-smoke extraction

Smoke extraction 40,000 years ago - why our ancestors did not suffocate during the Vogelherd cave fire

When the first people laboriously lit the first fires with the help of flints and tinder to warm themselves in the evening in or in front of the cave and grill their meat, fire protection had not yet been invented.


Trials on virtual humans? - How simulation helps optimize medical products

Clinical investigations usually take a long time and are extremely expensive. In addition, it is often difficult to derive accurate clinical evidence from them.


Thermal management with CFD - So that exactly this does not happen!

During the development of a sports car, in which we were involved, an even more powerful engine was to be installed.


Fiction and truth - what mistakes you can make when designing seals

For a building seal, we had the task of developing a seal in such a way that when it is installed on the construction site, the squeezing of the seal indicates the tightening torque of the screws.


Trial vs. simulation - the never-ending story of who is right now

Since I've been involved with simulation, there's been this argument between the test engineers and the simulation engineers.


Damage analysis - so you can use the simulation to specifically find and eliminate the cause of damage!

A tube bundle dryer shows cracks at the header after 2 years of operation. A considerable proportion of the annual world production of a particular plastic passes through the production line in South America.