Rollover of a colossus

Graders are among the oldest machines in earthmoving. They are used to pave the way, whether in road and path construction for the substructure, for unpaved roads and paths, or for sports fields.


Reduce contagion risk without going gaga in shutdown mania

Schools are closed, inns are only allowed to open their outdoor areas, and politicians can't think of too much besides bans.


Computing power in abundance? - Intelligence versus pure power

Again and again, I encounter calculation models with my employees and also with our customers that are insanely complicated and unfortunately take so long to calculate that no reasonable optimizations can be made in a…


2021 Real satire 4.0 - an incredulous look at the world

From time to time, I get carried away and have to make a biting comment on current world events.


Retroperspective- what has changed in simulation over the last 10 years?

Technically, not so much has changed, the handling has become easier, larger models, more complex physics, faster results.


Small pump big - what high-performance pumps have in common with snails

If you take a look at cooling water pumps in cars, you'll get a cold shiver as a fluid mechanic. Efficiencies of well below 50% are not exactly state of the art.


Prostheses - simulation with hand and foot

A lost hand, a lost foot are in themselves a dilemma. From pirate movies, we still know the wooden leg or the hook that is more or less provisionally attached to the stump. Let's just think of Captain Ahab from Moby Dick.…


What 2020 all went well!

The Corona year 2020, which is now coming to an end, also had its good sides. The bad aspects have been sufficiently covered by the media that I don't want to say another word here.


Air conditioning for buildings - there is still room for improvement here

The design of ventilation and air conditioning systems in the building sector is still very much in its infancy compared to the complex flow simulations used in the development of vehicles.


From decubitus to almost naked facts - simulation in all life situations

A few weeks ago, I told you about pressure sores (bedsores) when nursing patients lie down. But it's not just old age that presses. I was told that there can also be considerable differences in the wearing comfort of a…