The engineering office for FEM calculations, CFD calculations & virtual product development with over 35 years of experience

Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH is one of the first service providers of engineering calculations and simulations in the German-speaking area.
Its core competencies include structural analysis
(FEM calculation), flow simulation (CFD calculation) and virtual product development.

We support you in the event of damage

According to our experience, the main field of application of FE analyses is shifting with increasing acceptance from the field of failure analysis to the field of design or construction. However, damage analysis is still a classical application of FEM and a main field of activity of Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH.

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Multiphase, complex physics, complex assemblies?

Life is sometimes very complex, but sometimes also quite simple.
Even constructions and their proofs can look quite complex.
I see the trend, especially in the area of calculation, to put as much as possible into a calculation model, only to be horrified to find out later that the results are not even there because the calculation takes years or that you have a result that is not plausible. Sometimes one also sees that a problem shows up, but since everything is in the computational model, which gives hardware and software, one does not know what one should do.

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You need more security?

Nothing stresses you out more than when you've launched a design but don't know if it will stand up to the rigors. If you literally can no longer sleep peacefully, you know what I mean,
Damage often only becomes apparent after a certain period of time.
There is also no absolute security for components, otherwise they would be priceless.

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You need a mathematical proof?

You need a verification for your customer according to a specific standard?
We are very familiar with all current standards and provide you with the proofs so that your customers are also satisfied.

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Thermal and/or thermomechanical behavior

In new developments, more and more functions are packed into ever tighter spaces. The computing power of the Apollo 11 space shuttle is far exceeded by any smartphone today.
More power in ever smaller spaces leads to ever higher temperatures if more heat cannot be released into the environment at the same time. But the tolerable temperatures are limited.

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You want to optimize your components?

There is always something to criticize about constructions, they are too expensive, too heavy, made of the wrong material, don't look good, harm the environment, are not efficient enough, have a bad efficiency or whatever else.

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The high performance and expertise of Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH have already shown us enormous optimization possibilities and saved us a lot of time in product development. We would no longer like to do without this support.

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