Within the framework of method development, we are working out a clear, sequential approach in order to become increasingly more accurate with the numerical simulations at a reasonable cost. This is more important today than ever before, as products are becoming simpler in their application and more sophisticated in their functions in most cases. As a result, physical requirements must be met in the smallest possible space. From flow, convection, radiation, heat and temperature to oscillations, shock, vibration and the highest mechanical stresses, taking into account electromagnetism and acoustics, even the smallest parts must withstand ever-increasing stresses. Simulations using standard methods are often no longer able to represent this.

A solid methodology coupled with the use of the latest software and computational capacity allows you to gain valuable data and insights from your simulation and be faster, cheaper and safer in product development. Therefore, method development and ongoing enhancement of existing methods is an essential building block in numerical simulation.


Higher forecasting reliability

Complex assemblies can be described approximately using standard methods. However, the results are often not detailed and accurate enough for the increased requirements. Due to the enormous development in hardware and software, simulations are possible today that were far too costly yesterday. We meet the demand for ever better accuracy in simulation at the same or lower cost by continuously adapting our methods. New methods therefore increase the reliability of forecasts enormously.

More accurate testing, more targeted trials

Better material models from real tests and measured parameters such as wear and friction lead to ever better virtual prototypes. Physical tests on the test bench provide missing material parameters, boundary conditions, fluid properties, etc. for simulation. The focus in testing is increasingly shifting from testing components to creating better foundations for the virtual models. This increases the accuracy, the speed to a conclusion and the understanding of the results. Digital testing or virtual prototypes are thus becoming more and more important. The alignment between the right tests, verified simulations, in combination with state-of-the-art software grants more accurate insights.

Individualized applications

Within the scope of a method development, interfaces are also developed or adapted to your needs, if necessary. Thus, you receive a system individually tailored to your requirements, with which you gain valuable data to be the famous nose length ahead. It is up to you whether you use us as a partner for the simulation or whether you want to implement the method in-house.

Higher innovative power

Individualized, specially developed methods for calculating your products via simulations often bring to light insights that are not found via standard approaches or trials.


The right partner

Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH has been active in the field of engineering calculation with FEM and CFD simulations for over 30 years. 
In hundreds of projects each year, we make invisible physical phenomena visible, help to better understand and optimize structures and products. And deliver meaningful approaches to solutions. With added value. 

Through precision within a simulation, meaningful methods can be developed at low cost. This can exponentially increase the validity of the forecast.

Through constant real tests and new parameters, virtual prototypes can be constantly improved. Through a targeted coordination between simulations and present tests, which are compared by software, detailed insights can be provided.

Development of interfaces and adaptation to existing needs. The system is created according to your wishes to collect relevant data for you.

New insights through methods developed for you that are often not apparent through standard procedures.

Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH not only has a lot of experience. We work on the basis of the latest technologies, are involved in research projects and maintain close relationships with universities but also strategic partners from the industry. Take advantage of highly qualified know-how to advance your products and your company.

Thinking differently, combining conventionally and always keeping your eyes on the target. This is what we have learned with Merkle CAE Solutions GmbH and have been able to reduce our workload dramatically using a new methodology in simulation.

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