Use of gaming technologies in simulation calculations

Merkle CAE Solutions: Optimization of human representations in engineering calculation models

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Human influences are relevant in medical technology, space travel or in the area of clean rooms; movement changes air flows, breathing, clothing and body temperatures are influencing factors. Merkle CAE Solutions shows how detailed scenarios can already be modeled, networked and calculated by calculating an operating room using interdisciplinary gaming technologies.

Engineering simulations are penetrating more and more areas due to their enormous advantages. When it comes to machines and buildings, simple 3D CAD models can be read and used in calculation models. For modeling scenarios with humans, on the other hand, there are often no satisfactory sources available. However, possible influences are manifold. For the representation and calculation of clothing and motion sequences, Merkle CAE Solutions interacts with experts from gaming design.

Using photos, videos and lidar scans, people are mapped as a 3D model. To calculate the complete scene including human movements, a computational mesh of the respective person including clothing is generated. "When we transfer the human factor with all its possibilities into the simulation, even more diverse and insightful insights open up for our customers. We are currently working successfully on intelligently mapping the not inconsiderable computational effort involved in representing people including clothing," says Stefan Merkle, Managing Partner of Merkle CAE Solutions.

When it comes to other factors such as motion sequences or body heat, Merkle CAE Solutions is working together with ICCAS in Leipzig, OTH Amberg Weiden, DLR and OHB on a research project to incorporate human influences into simulation calculations. The results of this project will be published in due course.