Development of a method for realistic, fast and economical calculation and design of plastic and elastomer components.

Project duration: 2017 bis 2019 

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For the calculation of plastic components from injection molding, the material characteristics required for accurate calculation are often not known due to the large number of plastic compounds for short- and long-term behavior. 

Precise measurements of the material properties often fail due to the long time periods of several months, insufficient measuring capacities, long waiting times and the associated monetary expenditure. 

Material parameters from plastics databases are often not accurate enough, so that simulation results are error-prone and inaccurate. 

Within the scope of the research project, the derivation of the short- and long-term behavior from shortened measurements was to be achieved in order to enable more accurate simulation results at reasonable prices and times. 

Inhomogeneities and anisotropies were implemented in the FE geometry model on the structure to be calculated, as well as computational approaches to computationally determine long-term behavior under mechanical, thermal and chemical loading from measured data from short-term experiments. 

The method was applied to injection molded plastic parts made of unreinforced and reinforced polymers under short-term and long-term loading with consideration of mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses by structural simulation at a reasonable cost in terms of time and money. 

It should be possible to provide all the required material parameters on the basis of accelerated measured material data within one week with sufficient accuracy, so that the precise calculation of customer components, including material characterization, is possible within two weeks. 

As a result, the development process and the precise design of injection molded parts, which usually takes several months, was shortened to a few days. 

All project goals were achieved and are now being used very successfully for customer projects. 


2017 bis 2019 

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