Aeroacoustics deals with the generation and propagation of aerodynamically generated noise and its mitigation. The importance of aeroacoustics has increased significantly in the aviation industry and in the automotive industry in recent years. In vehicle acoustics, this is due to the growing comfort awareness of customers.

Picture of Merkle & Partner Aeroakustik wind tunnel example

Aeroacoustics at Merkle & Partner

Aeroacoustics topics at Merkle & Partner are primarily found in the vehicle sector, as the simulations are very complex and computationally intensive. In conventional flow calculations, small vortices are only considered in a smeared way via corresponding turbulence models. However, these vortices are relevant for noise generation, e.g. when the blower in premium segment vehicles starts up, and must be resolved both spatially and temporally. So-called LES methods are used here.

Application areas of aeroacoustics

Aeroacoustics is mainly used in the automotive industry.

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