Modern product development with ever shorter development times and the fastest possible time to market can only be realized if data redundancy is consistently avoided.
We develop new products for you from the idea to the finished product and accompany you from prototype construction to the test phase and commissioning.


The individual steps that the product goes through from the idea to completion must be strictly controlled by evaluation matrices. For this, various factors, such as appearance, design, market analysis, manufacturing characteristics, material, etc., play a major role.

Product development goes through several phases before one can speak of a "realized" product.

Product development phases

Idea generation and research

To find ideas for product development, we draw on the extensive know-how of our employees and on both proven and new methods.

For systematic idea generation we use methods such as TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, abbreviation from Russian with a literal translation). Here we benefit from the fact that we are active across industries and can include solution approaches from other industries in our considerations. This is supported by research possibilities in the literature, on the Internet and in corresponding patent databases.

Concept development

We develop various concepts for possible solutions on 3D mockups, examine them roughly in advance using simulations and propose 1-2 concepts for you to pursue further.

The selection of the concepts is done in close coordination with you.

Basic dimensioning and design

For the realization of our and your ideas we have experienced designers and calculation engineers in an optimal CAE environment at our disposal.

Physical properties such as stresses, deformations, flow behavior and temperature are simulated and used to identify and optimize any problem areas as quickly as possible and to drive product development forward.


Optimization is carried out using optimization loops via virtual prototypes until the desired properties have been achieved. All modern methods such as topology optimization can be used for this purpose.

Detailed design

A detailed design is then carried out for the design variant and technical production drawings are derived.

We carry out strength verifications in accordance with the relevant norms and standards and clarify the requirements for the verifications with the testing authorities (Germanischer Lloyd, TÜV, Bureau Veritas, etc.).

On request, we will look for suppliers for manufacturing and assist you in carrying out tests on prototypes. We have over 25 years of experience in CAE and see the design in close connection with the simulation. We move constructively exclusively in the 3D area with so-called high-end systems in close coupling with simulation. We also take on development projects, which in part can only be realized in cooperation with the calculation.