Simply printed - but what can the component?

The idea of 3D printing is basically simple


A basic material from which you can manufacture any component you want, whether a turbine blade, a pizza, a liver to replace an organ, or even an entire house.

The advantages are obvious - no individual tool purchases, no stockpiling of spare parts, no restrictions on the functionality of components.
3D printing can do all that, but currently not without specialized knowledge. Lack of dimensional accuracy, rough surfaces and direction-dependent material properties are currently just some of the obstacles.

We at Merkle & Partner recognized the potential but also the challenges of additive manufacturing in time and have been dealing with this topic for more than 5 years - since 2018 also intensively in our research project ROAD3D together with our project partners at Aalen University. Merkle & Partner uses state-of-the-art simulation capabilities to identify problem areas even before the first print and to optimize the component. Parallel tests ensure that the predictions about distortion, strength and service life are reflected in reality.

We will present some of these results at our workshop on additive manufacturing on 11.11.2021 in various lectures together with Aalen University, Prof. Merkel.
So if the carnival can wait a little longer....
Until 30.09.21 you can still use our early bird discount.
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External presentations are welcome, we still have 2 slots free - in return, the participation fee is waived and you will also receive a small gift. Merkle & Partner on the Early Birds, but of course just as much on the full payers 😊
If you have any questions in advance, please feel free to contact Maik Brehm m.brehm@merkle-partner.de.

Your Stefan Merkle

PS: I am sure that the time spent and the small expense allowance will more than pay off for you.

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