A complex topic is nuclear engineering, which is handled efficiently and in high quality by Merkle und Partner.

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Particularly extensive verifications are required for the use of any components in nuclear power plants.

Areas of application

Here Merkle & Partner can draw on a wide range of experience. 
The components examined include, for example: 

  • thermomechanical analysis of pumps and valves 
  • Statics and fatigue analysis of actuators 
  • earthquake simulation of refrigeration plants 

Depending on the classification in the corresponding safety class, the verification has to be performed according to nuclear standards. Primarily, ASME BPVC Section III, Division 1 is applied here. 

Normen und Standards

The following norms and standards are part of Merkle & Partner's portfolio: 

  • ASME BPVC, Sec. III 
  • KTA 
  • RCC-M 

Project Experience

We perform the following scopes of calculations in nuclear engineering: 

  • thermal-transient calculations 
  • detailed structural verifications 
  • bolt proofs 
  • thermal shock analyses 
  • earthquake verifications 
  • shock loads 
  • Crack propagation analyses (impeller) 
  • Drop examinations of containment (Castor)