Statics (physics) is a branch of mechanics that deals with forces in immobile systems.


Structural analysis is a branch of civil engineering that includes the calculation of real structural systems. Statics is often the colloquial term for a static calculation based on and using the tools of structural analysis. 

Statics in mechanical engineering deals with technical constructions and the loads that these constructions can bear statically. 

Static calculations at Merkle und Partner

Merkle & Partner performs static calculations in a wide variety of subject areas, with a focus on the use of finite element methods of three-dimensional structures. 

Procedure Static Calculations 


  1. Geometry is prepared or created from received CAD data or drawings. 
  2. The model is meshed. 
  3. Material properties, boundary conditions and loads are applied. 
  4. The calculation is performed. 
  5. The results are checked for plausibility and, if necessary, the assumptions are corrected. 
  6. The results of the simulation are evaluated and assessed with respect to the applicable norms and standards (FKM, AD2000, Eurocode, ASME, KTA, HBS, etc.). 
  7. The input data and the results are presented, discussed and documented in a detailed report in tabular form and in color graphics. 
  8. If desired, the results will be presented at your site and discussed together. 
  9. If there are weak points or areas are oversized, an optimization can take place. 

Static calculations at Merkle und Partner

  • Strength verification of pressure vessels, casings, pumps, fittings, impellers, fans 
  • Strength verification of basins, tanks, foundations 
  • Strength verification of plastic components 
  • Strength verification of rubber components 
  • Strength verification of frames, car bodies, cabins 
  • Strength verification of plants, ducts, filter housings, reactors